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Spring sprung

I get bit obsessed with the weather forecast, I’m not sure why as it’s really not something I can control. If I could control it however, I’d ask for spring! Anyway, the weather did deliver spring today (and I understand tomorrow), it just changes things – I have the back door open, drive with the car window open, wonder whether to wear a jacket or not. On this mid march day, when the news is gloomy, the fresh air puts a spring in my step (no pun intended). More of this please…

bench chatto

Storm Jorge

Why is that all these seasonal storms want to arrive on Saturdays – how do they know it’s the weekend? Well the good news is that (in my opinion) Storm Jorge hasn’t lived up to expectations for us in the South East, Dennis was far more bruising. That meant a trip to Beth Chatto Gardens. It was my first time that I could use my yearly pass that I had received. It’s worth a visit – a breezy walk around the gardens, snowdrops and daffodils are on show, although seasonally muddy under foot. A trip to the Café after a breezy walk where I enjoyed White Chocolate & Cranberry Tiffin – I can recommend heading here – and now I can go unlimited times! 

On my doorstep

If you follow my photography enough, you’ll see that I mention (too much probably) how much a trip to Colchester Castle Park is well worth it. So today on a cold November morning, I took an early visit and the results are as follows. It’s so well kept and maintained, the wonderful thing is that is worth a visit all year round. We do love the autumn there though! 

Autumn Days on the Essex coast

I timed my day off very well – what a lovely autumn day, just before the clocks change this weekend. I took a trip to Walton on the Naze where the potential to walk and walk is huge. I enjoyed taking this cliff top shot, looking down on those fossil collectors below and watching the dozens of Brent Geese, probably not collecting fossils. I like the Naze, particularly in the Spring when the sound of the Cuckoo fills the air, but autumn doesn’t disappoint either. I must return for the winter! (and wrap up well)

Love Autumn

I probably say that every season is my favourite when it comes to it, but I really do love the Autumn. I recommend a stroll around Colchester Castle Park this October. The sound of the leaves falling really tells you that summer is long gone and the dark nights are approaching. It’s one of Colchesters best places to visit at any time of year. 

Hillhouse Wood, West Bergholt is also a great place for a walk. It’s so popular in bluebell season (check my Essex gallery for why), but even out of that season as the sun is setting you can capture some good photography.

Below – Photo 1, Colchester Castle Park. Photo 2, Hillhouse Wood, West Bergholt.